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The mouth is probably the most important opening in the human body. It is the major avenue for nutrition, communication, and oxygenation. But, the mouth is also the source of much potential danger if not cared for in the proper manner. The biggest problem usually comes from diseased teeth, metal filled teeth, implanted teeth, root canals, metal braces and cavitations (cavities in the bone and gum). I mention these dental problems because all too often in my practice I have to deal with the consequences of them. Unfortunately, most dentists do not receive training concerning amalgam free dentistry, and are not taught about the dangers of root canals and implanted teeth. This results in many ill people seeking medical care from doctors who are not always familiar with the relationship of the recognized disease with the oral cavity. What I have found to be most helpful in my practice over the last 10 years, has been to educate the patient about things they should be aware of. The patient can then inform their dentist of these problems or concerns in an effort to avoid having the aforementioned treatments performed on them. Consequently, they can avoid health problems related to dental problems in the future.

Everyday in the United States thousands of people have metal fillings placed in their teeth after receiving a diagnosis of cavities. The standard amalgam filling in the United States is approximately 51% mercury with the remaining 49% being a varying combination of other metals, usually containing nickel and tin. Dentists are taught in dental school that these mixtures of metals will not generally leach out into the mouth and cause diseases or other negative consequences. This is not necessarily the case given the mouth contains a liquid called saliva which is generally acidic. This liquid is constantly bathing the mixed metal amalgamation. This effectively forms a battery, and batteries tend to break down the metals they contain. As a result, the metal filling erodes over the years.

The most toxic metal known to man is mercury. To date, we are still primarily using this highly toxic metal in the majority of the fillings used in teeth. For those individuals who have a problem accepting this concept, there are many books available that document the long history of this controversy which has been practiced for over a 100 years. Two of the more popular books are "The Toxic Time Bomb" by Sam Ziff and "It's All In Your Head" by Hal Huggins, DDS. You will find these books are more than adequate in supplying all the details you need to help you understand how serious a problem these metals can be.

My philosophy on the use of metals in the mouth is that they should not be used, given we have adequate substitutes for them. The next question you will have is, "What do we use instead of metals?" If you are not able to get what I call a histo-compatibility study completed which will tell you what substances are most benign or neutral to your system, the use of several of the heavy duty plastics are usually adequate for filling teeth.

With respect to implanted teeth, I will say that if you understand the concept of the metals being a potential danger as well as the hazards of cavitations, then the concept of implanted teeth should be seen as an unacceptable option. Besides being quite expensive in the short run, implants can be very expensive in the long run when they have to be removed due to some other problems they have created as a result of the metal nature of the foundation. This is without mentioning the potential hazards of some of the complications in the bone that is often associated with implantation in the teeth.

Then there is the problem of root canals, which was well documented by Dr. Westin Price. He spent approximately fifty years studying this problem, and was left with the impression that it is a much more dangerous practice than we are led to believe by the dental industry. So, in my professional medical opinion, you would do well to avoid these dangerous dental practices. If possible, try to utilize the services a dentist who follows a biological dentistry philosophy.

Over the years, I have had the good fortune to meet many dentists who are very biologically oriented. They taught me simple techniques that I use personally to help ensure the long lasting health of my teeth and gums. Over the past 10-to15 years, I have shared these ideas with my patients. Several years of observing my patients' dental habits have proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the techniques I shared with them are the most effective methods for preserving the teeth and the gums (which I am sure is the goal of most human beings).

I am 55 years old and have every tooth that a normal adult should have. Of my 32 teeth, the 5 cavities that were filled with metals when I was a child were removed many years ago by a biological dentist and replaced with heavy-duty plastic with no complications. Many orthodox dentists will tell you that plastic fillings do not last as long as metals fillings. Most of the materials that go into space are, in fact, made of space age plastics, and if they can endure space they certainly can endure the activities of daily oral living.

I have no root canals or implants, and most importantly, I do not have pyorrhea (a gum disease that resulted in my father loosing all of his teeth by age 55). Pyorrhea usually begins as a bleeding problem with simple brushing in most instances. I experienced this problem many years ago before I met my first biological dentist. This dentist gave me a simple technique for keeping the gums in optimum health. I am sure many of you will find this very hard to believe, but the technique he taught me worked immediately. He told me to use a toothpick after I ate any type of food. This technique requires the use of a toothpick even if you have a simple snack. The best toothpick to use has a rounded tip and is squared in the middle. This type of toothpick is inexpensive and stronger than other types.

When you use a toothpick, make sure that it goes between the teeth as far as possible. In most instances, this will suffice for flossing after every meal (most people find flossing after every meal to be inconvenient). A box of toothpicks should be kept wherever you spend a great deal of time - your automobile, office, home, etc. You will find that your breath will also smell fresher. The religious use of a toothpick will result in immediate benefits.

In addition to using a toothpick, I suggest you use Peelu® Dental Fibers - tooth powder. The people of Asia, Middle East and parts of Africa have used the branches of the Siwak (Peelu) tree to clean to keep their teeth white and free from cavities for centuries. Peelu® Dental Fibers - tooth powder is made from the Siwak tree, and resembles sawdust like material. The Peelu® Dental Fibers contains no abrasive material, artificial color or animal products. Daily use of the powder will clean, preserve and protect tooth enamel, fight cavities and remove plaque if used properly.

I recommend the daily use of Peelu® Dental Fibers as follows:

  • use a small soft to medium bristle tooth brush
  • cover the bristles of the wet brush completely with Peelu® powder
  • apply enough pressure to bend the toothbrush handle and focus on brushing between the teeth and the gums - the best way to do this is to keep the bristles at a 45 degree angle
  • focus your attention on brushing the gum, not the teeth for 2 minutes

    The toothbrush should be inexpensive enough to be replaced with a new brush every 60 days as the bristles will flatten out and become inefficient due to the applied pressure. The best toothbrush I have found for this purpose is the G-U-M® soft brush made by the Butler® Company. The brush has a wide handle for good leverage and it comes in 4 head styles. I recommend either the full-size or slender head styles for the best results. I personally prefer the slender head brush.

    You may notice that I made no mention of any type of toothpaste. That is because I do not recommend them, and I do not have very much faith in their ability to do what they are advertised to do. All of the whitening and plaque removal you are going to achieve can be done very effectively with the Peelu® Dental Fibers. Additionally, Peelu® contains no fluoride. I, as do many other doctors, biological dentists, and scientists, believe fluoride is a toxic substance and need not to be used on any animals or humans. Also, toothpaste tends to be sweet, and you really do not need sweeteners when you are cleaning your teeth. I must also mention that toothpaste has not been known to whiten teeth.

    Those of you who are concerned about your teeth turning slightly yellow as you grow older, should consider the fact that unfortunately, the natural color of teeth as we age is yellow. We have been well conditioned to want pearly white teeth. However, you will find that many of the people who have pearly white teeth either have false teeth or have some artificial coating applied to their teeth. This is an unfortunate reality that we have to deal with. I suggest you be happy if your teeth do not have cavities, are not causing you pain, and you can still chew effectively.

    To clean the rest of the mouth, use the toothbrush to brush the roof, floor, and inner cheeks of the mouth. You should also brush your tongue. If you have a consistent very thick coating on your tongue, it usually indicates some underlying systemic disorder. The Chinese have developed a complete science of diagnosing tongue coatings, but in general, the most common tongue coatings are a result of too much sodium in the system. If you find that your tongue has a fairly significant coat, more than the very light white coat that most healthy people have, consult the Diet section on this web site. This section provides information about the "Polarizing Diet". The Polarizing Diet should help to eliminate the excessive coat within several months.

    For information regarding doctors/dentists who practice biological dentistry, contact the following organizations:

    International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT)
    (407) 298-2450
    Dr. Michael Ziff

    Holistic Dental Association
    P.O. Box 5007
    Durango, CO 81301
    Dr. Richard Shepard

    The Academy of Biological Dentistry
    (408) 659-5385
    Dr. Ed Arana

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