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I was first introduced to Standard Process vitamins and minerals in 1986. At the time, I was quite familiar with vitamins used for food supplementation. I thought food supplementation was probably a good idea, but I had no concept of using them therapeutically to treat common diseases and other ailments. A naturopath who used food supplements very successfully for several years, introduced me to Standard Process products and showed me how he used supplementation in his practice. I later took it upon myself to learn as much as I could about vitamin therapy in general and the use of Standard Process vitamins and minerals in particular. I believe Standard Process is the oldest Vitamin Company in the United States and possibly in the world. Royal Lee, DDS, founded the company in 1929. He became very aware of the fact that the general agricultural technology in this country was changing drastically to a methodology of utilizing artificial fertilizers and heavy pesticides. He knew this would have a direct negative impact on the population that consumed the adulterated food.

As a result, Dr. Lee bought a large farm in Palmyra, Wisconsin and began to produce organically grown foods processed in such a way that the enzymes, which are the real active ingredients, were not destroyed in the process. He developed many of his own techniques for vacuum drying foods to extract the juice, then created powders that were made into capsules, tablets, some oils, and powders. Dr. Lee formed relationships with liked-minded health care practicioners throughout the country. Over the ensuing decades, his relationships with these individuals produced a broad spectrum of knowledge concerning how to help humans and animals with maladies that were previously thought not to respond to therapies that were not allopathic or drug oriented.

One of things that interested me most about the Standard Process products was the way the supplements were packaged. In addition to the superior quality of the products, there is an obvious superior packaging practice that is seen immediately upon opening the product. The majority of the products are contained in amber colored bottles packed with cotton, sealed with an external plastic seal, then encased in a box. The packaging is so professional, that in many instances, patients mistake these food supplements for actual allopathic drugs. Of course, there are no drugs in any of the Standard Process products. This is especially true in products that contain glandulars. Royal Lee pioneered the use of this process in early part of the 20th century.

Glandulars are nutritional products made from the tissue of animals raised on organic foods specifically for their use in food supplementation. Royal Lee developed Glandular products in a system he called "Protomorphology". Protomorphology treats sick individuals with substances from the organs of healthy animals, which would in turn, supply the nutrients to the sick organs of the patient. His idea was that the animals would concentrate the elements from the Earth in a specific organ that was necessary to make the organ healthy, and the elements from the animals' organs could then be transferred to the sick patient's organs. The protomorphogen would be utilized to improve the health of the same organ in the patient - i.e., healthy heart material from a cow can help a sick heart in another mammal. This is the same line of thinking as transplant science or, in some ways, similar to the concept of "like cures like" which is the foundation of the homeopathic sciences.

For individuals who are strict vegetarians and absolutely refuse to consume products that contain animal substances, Standard Process does have products that are completely plant in origin and content. You may find all that you need are the products that are completely vegetables. Many of the protocols listed under the ailment/remedy section include a liberal use of supplements that include some animal products. In situations where an ailment requires the use of products that contain animal, I suggest you make a temporary exception and use the recommended products. I have used the suggested remedies for many years and have found them to be very successful in helping the sited conditions. It would be a shame to continue to suffer through an illness, when helpful harmless substances could be utilized but were not because of a nutritional taboo.

As I stated earlier, I have used many vitamins and minerals over the years. However, I discovered that Standard Process had the most efficient products for use in the healing arts. I use several products made by other companies in conjunction with, and sometimes instead of Standard Process products, but no other company has produced as many products that I have found to be as helpful. You will, therefore, find that once in a while, I will use one of these other products.

I'm sure you will find the products I recommend on this web site are, in fact, effective and safe. When used as prescribed for the ailments they are designed to help, I have found them to be wonderfully rewarding. I have prescribed Standard Process products to my patients with overwhelming success since 1986. I never imagined there was a company that made nutritional supplements that could be used the way I have used Standard Process products over the years, and obtain the type of success I have been able to obtain. I am delighted to be able to introduce them to so many people for the first time who would, under most circumstances, never be exposed to this quality of nutritional supplements. Please enjoy.


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