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On the last day of August in 1988, I had the extraordinary pleasure of spending the first day with an individual who taught me concepts that would change the way I lived and the way I thought about life and health for the rest of my life. The gentleman's name was Chief Two Trees. I studied with the Chief at his clinic, The Native American Studies Institute located on the top of a mountain in Old Fort, North Carolina. I had previous conversations with him by telephone and was very impressed with his basic approach to treating common diseases. My major purpose in seeing him was extremely personal. I had been constipated for no apparent reason for fifteen years earlier, had serious bouts with hemorrhoids and periods of going up to two to four days without a bowel movement. The Chief told me that my problem was a direct result of a parasite infection. He suggested that I treat myself as soon as possible. I was very interested in this concept and decided that if the Chief was indeed correct, I needed to find out everything I could about parasites. I made the daylong drive to Old Fort, North Carolina, sat at the feet of this wonderful man and listened very carefully to him for three days.

The basic concept of parasite infestation or infection is that parasites are a very primitive life form and have been on this planet for much longer than man has. They have, therefore, been very successful at what they do because they are not an endangered species in any place we know they exist. As far as we know, some type of parasite has parasitized every animal. We call them worms as a euphemism but, in fact, many of them are worms and most of them are microscopic and cannot be seen with the naked eye. The correct definition of parasites is a life form that lives off of another life form to its benefit and to the host's (the animal infected by the parasite) detriment.

The treatment for parasites has been a part of just about everyone's culture no matter where they live on the planet. But we have strayed away from taking a parasite cleanse on a regular cyclical basis because of our heavy reliance on western medicine and concepts which all but ignore the possibility of parasitic infections in people who live in an industrialized society. For some reason, we believe that if you live in the modern world, you do not get parasites unless you travel to places we generally refer to as the Third World (underdeveloped countries). This, of course, is total nonsense given the fact that parasites do not have geographical boundaries and they are transmitted most commonly in both water and food. Parasites are in all types of foods, plants, and are regularly transmitted via contact with animals. Many of my patients who are vegetarians believe they will not get parasites because they do not eat meat. However, there are many, many parasites that contaminate green leafy vegetables and other plant foods. In addition, many of the most commonly transmitted parasites are water born.

The types of complaints I receive from people who have parasites vary. They run the gamut from allergic symptoms, skin conditions, blood problems, all types bowel problems, and even behavioral problems. The most common complaints of parasite infections are:

  • dark circles under or around the eyes
  • itching
  • abnormal weight (over or underweight)
  • a deep cough (with children, especially at night)
  • excess mucus production (upper respiratory)
  • anal (rectal) itching,
  • skin lesions (especially those that come and go)
  • lack of energy
  • anemia
  • inability to concentrate
  • hyperactivity (usually in children, but occasionally with adults)
  • chronically ill ( people who are always sick from one or another)
  • picking your nose (itching)
  • pain around naval area

    The above problems are usually treated with the eight-week parasite cleanse. I suggest that people treat themselves at least twice a year whether they have symptoms or not - a two-week parasite cleanse for a person without symptoms is usually adequate, and an eight week program is suggested for individuals with presenting symptoms. I suggest you give yourself a parasite cleanse in the Spring and Fall (change of seasons) - for as long as you are on this planet. Children are notorious for having parasitic problems. I also suggest that parents or guardians treat their children for at least 2 weeks - twice per year or more frequently if you suspect that there is a parasitic problem. For infants (newborn to 1 year of age), I recommend that you treat your child for parasites even if there are no symptoms. Anti-parasite products are available in liquid form for small children and individuals who have difficulty swallowing capsules and tablets.

    To further illustrate the need to treat your children, my son suffered with a severe case of ringworm and constipation for the first eight years of his life until I treated him for parasites in 1988. After treating my son for two weeks, all of his symptoms cleared. My daughter had chronic ear infections as a child and later developed teenage acne. I wish my knowledge of parasites were as clear then as it is now. If so, I certainly would have treated her regularly for parasites from infancy, in an effort to prevent the immune system deficiencies she experienced as a very young child. Adults should treat themselves for parasites, especially if they plan to travel and risk exposure to a wider variety of parasites.

    There are various ways to treat oneself for parasites. There are capsules, tablets, liquids, and powders. I utilize a few basic approaches to treat parasites that I will share with you. If you scan through the ailments/remedies section of this web site, you will see several instances where I recommend treatment for parasites.

    For individuals who have problems swallowing capsules or for children and infants, the following program is recommend: For adults and children over twelve years of age - Citricidal Liquid, 2 drops 3 times per day without food, and Black Walnut Liquid, 35 drops 3 times per day without food. I recommend these two liquids be taken for at least two weeks, but the program can be extended for up to eight weeks. For children under twelve years of age - 2 drops of Citricidal Liquid 3 times per day without food, and 20 drops of Black Walnut Liquid 3 times per day without food. Note: ParaClenz, a homeopathic product, may be substituted for Black Walnut Liquid as this product does contain alcohol. Take 1 teaspoon (1 capful) of ParaClenz 3 times per day on an empty stomach. All liquids may be taken together in water or juice in the morning, noon and in the evening.

    You will notice that I will always recommend that more than one product be taken for parasites. Over the years, I have found that many parasites are resistant to one or another product and sometimes people have multiple infections of parasites (more than one type of parasite living in them). Therefore, a broad-spectrum attack should be mounted and these products have held me in great stead for the past decade.

    I believe you will not be dissatisfied with the information you have just read about parasites especially if you put this into practice with yourself and your family. I am 1,000% absolutely positive that you will see over time that this is one of the most important things you can do to help treat existing problems and prevent future ones from occurring. I have never had a patient come back and tell me they did not think this treatment was a good idea for themselves and their family. As a matter of fact, I have many patients who have not had to see me for several years other than when they come to the office to pick up a parasite treatment for themselves, family members, or friends. I even have Amish patients who regularly give out my parasite products as Christmas gifts over the holidays.

    So in closing this section, I will say in the words of Chief Two Trees, "This information comes from the wisdom of our fathers." All of our fathers had a treatment for parasites as part of their cultural practice. We have gotten away from this because of our reliance on modern medicine. We would do quite well to relearn the ways of our ancestors in this area, and keep ourselves in relatively good health always.


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