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Heart and Artery Disease are the number one cause of death in America. The number one alternative treatment for this disease could be

What is Chelation Therapy?
Chelation (key-lay-shun) Therapy is a revolutionary approach for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, including heart disease, peripheral vascular disease, stroke and heavy metal poisoning. Treatment is administered via intravenous infusion of a man made protein, called EDTA (ethylene diamine tetra-acetic acid), in conjunction with vitamins, and minerals. This enhances circulation, decreases platelet stickiness, removes toxic metals and clears free radicals from the body, without the use of invasive surgical procedures. Worldwide there have been hundreds of thousands of patients given millions of treatments over the past 50 plus years.

Where did EDTA Chelation originate?
The treatment was developed at the request of Adolf Hitler who was interested in treating himself for heavy metal poisoning. After the war, EDTA was used in the paint industry to separate lead from the paint and in treating lead-poisoned patients. The standard treatment in the world today for lead poisoning is EDTA chelation therapy. But about 40 years ago, some very astute physicians noticed that some patients who were being treated for lead poisoning, who also had problems with poor circulation, had improvement of their circulation problems after their treatment for lead poisoning.

The treatment has been used very successfully for the past five decades and usually takes about 90 minutes to 3 hours to administer depending upon the concentration of the EDTA. The treatments are usually administered once to three times per week. Patients usually receive the first of phase of the treatment approximately 20 to 30 times. This course is followed by one treatment per month as maintenance therapy for life. If chelation is administered along with a behavior modification program that includes cessation of smoking, dietary adjustments, proper supplementation and exercise, most patients have experienced extremely positive results.

Chelation comes from the Greek word "chele" that refers to the claw of a crab or lobster. The EDTA solution is administered through the vein, travels through the blood stream and attaches to heavy metals and calcium. It then passes through the blood stream, through the kidneys and out of the body via the urine when the patient urinates. If administered properly, there are no side effects noted of any consequence. The treatment has been used in most industrialized countries. In New Zealand, the government will not pay for by-pass surgery unless the patient has first received a course of chelation therapy and the treatment was a failure.

Chelation Therapy
can be the key to:
Unclogging your arteries
Improving oxygenation
Improves vision
Reversing sexual difficulties
Fighting arthritis
An alternative to amputation

Chelation has been known to help arthritis on occasion and, of course, diabetics who have a real problem with poor circulation are also helped with this therapy.

Dr. Burton has been administering Chelation Therapy since 1987. He was trained in the methods of chelation by the American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM), a non-profit medical society dedicated to educating physicians about the latest findings and emerging procedures in preventive/nutritional and complementary medicine.

The United States FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approves EDTA Chelation therapy for the treatment of lead poisoning, but claims for treating athertosclerosis are not allowed. Because this treatment is not FDA approved for heart disease, most health insurance plans and Medicare to not cover the cost of the treatment. Therefore, the patient pays for the treatment out of pocket. Some persistent or "lucky" patients are able to coerce their insurance carriers to cover at least part of the cost, in some cases.

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Elmer Cranton, M.D.
Arline Brecher
Seven Flower Extract/Chinese Medicine alternative to help control high blood pressure.

What is Seven Flower extract?
Seven flower extract is a secret Chinese formula used originally to calm an individual. It has a very tranquilizing effect and has been used by many for years as a sleep aid. It also has a benefit of reducing mild to moderate blood pressure since it does not cause the side effect associated with many blood pressure medications.

What is in Seven Flower extract?
Seven Flower Extract contains Chrysanthemum Flower, Honeysuckle Flower, Sophora Japonica flower, Brunella Flower, Water Fairy Flower, Black Moss Flower and Ginseng Flower.

How does Seven Flower extract work?
Seven flower extract works by relaxing the nervous system and consequently reducing the stress on the cardiovascular system.

How much should one take?
The largest dose that I prescribe is three (3) tablets in the morning and three (3) tablets before bed for a diastolic blood pressure greater than 100. For mild elevation of greater that 90, the patient should take one (1) tablet in the morning and two (2) tablets in the evening, and expect reasonable result at that dosage.

Should one start/stop their prescribed medication?
Seven Flower extract may be taken with prescription medication, but it can also work on it's own without prescription medication. Monitoring of blood pressure is suggested and is a good idea to have a healthcare professional work with you in your transition from prescription medication to any nutritional supplement, including Seven Flower.

Does Seven Flower cause any side effects?
Dr. Burton: In five years of use, the only side effect that we have seen on occasion is some drowsiness which is expected given that Seven Flower induces good sleep. A key to its effective usage is to keep the dosage low enough not to induce fatigue or tiredness while attaining a reasonable blood pressure level.

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